Year 1

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Mrs Millington

My name is Mrs Millington and I teach Year 1. Working alongside me is Mrs Eadie who is a teaching assistant with a love for music.

During our first half-term our topic was ‘Memory Box’ where we looked at changes within living memory. We investigated how toys changed over time and enjoyed listening to the memories of our parents and grandparents. In Science we looked at Seasonal Changes by spotting signs of Autumn in our local area. In Art we drew portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso,  Paul Klee and Andy Warhol. In RE we celebrated Harvest, as well as the Jewish festival of Sukkot. We made some delicious honey snap biscuits! In outdoor and indoor PE, we practised our ball skills as well as our balancing skills. We started to learn French for the first time, learning greetings and moving on to colours and numbers. In English we read books such as ‘The Tin Forest’, ‘My mum is Fantastic’ and ‘Peace at Last’. In Maths we got to grips with basic number work, using part-whole models to help our understanding. We continued with our work on Global learning, celebrating key dates such as the ‘Day of Democracy’ and the ‘Day for the Eradication of Poverty’ as well as starting to explore the Sustainable Development Goals. We enjoyed a visit from a local ranger who helped us to understand recycling and give us ideas how to re-use items that we would usually throw away.

Our focus for the next half-term will be ‘Moon Zoom’ where we will be making and naming the planets as well as exploring famous astronauts such as Tim Peake. In Science we will be looking at different materials and their properties before carrying out an experiment to see which material is best for an umbrella. As it starts to turn colder we will be going on a Winter walk to spot any changes in the seasons. In Art we will be looking at the work of L S Lowry and trying to recreate our own versions of his famous paintings. In RE we will be exploring the Christmas festival as well as preparing for our nativity! In PSHE we will continue to enjoy P4C lessons as well as engage with Anti Bullying Week, ‘World Philosophy Day’ and ‘Human Rights Day’. We will be learning about why we celebrate Remembrance Day and paint our plastic poppies ready for our weeping window display. In maths we will continue to embed our learning on place value and addition as well as begin to explore 2D and 3D shapes. In English we will be reading and writing instructions based on ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ as well exploring different types of poetry. After all that we will definitely be ready for our Christmas break!

Please click here for the Autumn term overview.

25th September 2018

Today the children in Year 1 enjoyed learning about toys from the past. Thank you to all the mums, aunties, cousins, grandmas and friends who shared their special memories! Thank you also to those parents who sent in their childhood toys.

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1st October 2018

Year 1 explored ways to help with the Sustainable Development Goal ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’. A forest ranger joined the class for the morning and explained how our rubbish gets recycled. We learnt that plastic can be made into a fleece and cardboard gets turned into newspapers! We really enjoyed using rubbish that would usually be thrown away to make parachutes and beautiful butterflies.

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16th October 2018

Today Year 1 learnt all about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. We made felt torahs and wrote messages from God inside. We worked in pairs to make sukkahs and then we made decorations to go inside such as 3D fruit and paper chains. We loved making Jewish honey biscuits with Mrs Eadie and we made Happy Sukkot cards for our buddies to tell them everything we have learnt!

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